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“This is the 2nd time I have worked with Cyanne, each experience a pleasure. When casting, you pray for actors who are committed, passionate, & even more important – talented.

Cyanne is every one of these things & more -- She is always prepared, professional & fearless in approaching a role;  bringing life, heart, & a spark of magic to every character she portrays.”

                      --Michael Kowal, Director/Writer of “The Kid”  & "Chloe"

"Almost every shot I captured of her was used in my film. She was amazing to work with and I'll definitely be doing it again!"


 --Cheryl Korn, Director, Producer & DP of "Labyrinth of Jareth"

"Cyanne was a lifesaver! We brought her in 2 days before filming. She came in memorized & ready & had us all on the floor laughing. We just had to write her into a second scene!"


                         --Frank J. Roel , Director/Writer of "Strange As Angels"

CM 6653.jpg

“In an age of ephemera, Cyanne McClairian brings commitment & a core believability to every part she plays.

She is talented, versatile, makes intelligent choices, & takes a fall like a Texas stuntman. All this, & she’s easy on the eyes, as well.”

                                                                                                                                 --Craig Sabin, Producer/ Writer of “Chloe”

“McClairian does the evenings stand out work as a woman who finds herself increasingly more desperate for marriage & family” 

                           --Steven Stanley of Stage Scene LA on "Cake"

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