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A Little About Me...

*** Lookin for a shortish, "earthy crunchy" bohemian redhead with an edge? THATS ME!  ***


Often said to be a chameleon in my versatility, I am a committed Mel Brooks fan known on film for Unexpected Pizza, Dr Chong Plastic Surgeon & The Bacchae. I fell into acting at age 6- literally - as a Faerie in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” & have been hooked ever since.

The past couple years (2018 & 2019), I've gotten to portray key characters in 2 immersive shows that have won Best Immersive BACK TO BACK at the Hollywood Fringe Festival - in 2018, as the insane homeless woman, Marie in Unreal City. And in 2019, as the sneaky yet unassuming Guinevere Grey in Vote For Murder. 
Other awards have been for my Shakespeare, as well as a number of dramatic & comedic roles on both stage & screen – including a polish fortuneteller, a southern hairdresser, & a neurotic senator's wife, among others.  For a few years, I even came to be known as “a Comedy Regular,” performing Stand Up all over Hollywood & ending my run after opening for Margaret Cho to a full house at the Hollywood Improv.


Realizing that stand up wasn't quite what I wanted to do, I joined forces with my amazing husband, Matthew Martin, & added producing to my wheelhouse- starring in the premiere of my award-winning Solo Show, “I DIED...I CAME BACK...WHATEVER” at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Our entire run was sold out, we were given the Encore Producers Award & asked to extend 3 more performances. After a run of tour dates, popular demand & critical acclaim that it still continues to garnish, it is now in talks of becoming a film.


Then in 2018, via our production company Fearless Imp Entertainment, I starred in & co-produced a 6 week run of an incredibly powerful twist on MACBETH, as inspired by the #MeToo movement & the current climate of “he said, she said.”
100 % true to text, it generated a huge buzz & even had a few teachers reach out & bring their classes to the show with a Q&A afterwards.


Currently we are in post production for the film TOGETHER, starring myself & the incredible Sara Davenport. Another Fearless Imp Production directed by my husband, we are excited to be premiering it in late 2019.

Aside from acting, I am a huge advocate for survivors of sex trafficking, sexual assault & abuse. 

But when it's playtime, you can always either find me at Disneyland – or building my own,  William Shakespeare style – Shakespeare Towne; a magical land where people can meet & fall in love with the Bard, his characters, & HIS world.

So... “Is that a 10 gallon hat or you just enjoying the show? Woof!”

2010 - present
2010 - present
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