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“A cheerful, vibrant performer”

                                               --Paul Birchal of  STAGE RAW

“Cyanne is, simply put, amazing. Don't believe me? Well, woops, her show is completely SOLD OUT for the rest of the run.”

     --Matt Ritchey,  Award Winning Film & Theatre Director

“Cyanne McClairian is a whirling dirvish  of energy & talent!

                                  --Ashley-Muir Cotter of

A One-Woman, Multi-Character Dramedy about a Pagan actress who dies on the operating table, awakens in "Heaven's Waiting Room," & is led back thru her earthly life by the spirit of Sir Laurence Olivier. Will she give up on her Dreams in Purgatory OR decide to play the greatest role of her Life, with God as her Director?

Have you ever gotten to the point where you just feel DONE? Like no matter what you do, you just can’t catch a break?

Laying in that sterile hospital bed again – that's exactly how I felt. I was having surgery, but I hadn’t decided if I wanted to live... And I DEFINITELY didn't want anything to do with God. ... I was Pagan!

Plus-- I couldn't die a waitress.

I was created broken --  wasn't supposed to live past age Five -- & I was exhausted! 

So, when I went into that fateful 10 hour surgery filled with complications -- Heaven was the LAST thing on my mind, or even on my radar!

My Show is based on my REAL LIFE Story... Yes, I HAVE died. A couple of times. 

Apparently I AM supposed to be here. But there was a catch-- I really had to CHOOSE to WANT to be here. And that took a lifetime to figure out. 

So WHY tell my story?

Every day I wake up, I ask myself – "Why am I here?" And, if I'm an actor & that's all I know, then who am I to keep it to myself? What's my Purpose? If I've been brought back to life TWICE ... what for?


I CHOOSE to LIVE Life to the Fullest & do everything I can while I am still here. I been breaking records & proving the doctors wrong forever - and now, with God by my side, I intend to keep doing it!

My point is --If I can find my way, then ANYONE can.

Every single day is a gift & I have a lot to be thankful for. A LOT to give back. If my story can inspire even one person to LIVE their life to the fullest... to stop hiding and really, truly PURSUE their passion... then mayhaps THAT is why I am here.


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